In 2020 I interviewed high-level civil servants in Antigua and Barbuda about their experiences working in international development partnerships to tackle climate change. They spoke about their acts of everyday resistance to transform colonial knowledge hierarchies. I commissioned the fantastic Saffa Khan to create the portraits.

Contact Saffa Khan

Saffa is a multi-talented artist based in Glasgow. Check out her website and instagram

Sou, G. (2021). Aid micropolitics: southern resistance to racialized & geographical assumptions of expertiseEnvironment & Planning C: Politics and Space.

Featured, ‘Staying put after disasters‘. Being immobile in a world of movement (digital photography exhibition). Festival of Social Science. 2021;

Photo Exhibition, Staying put’: Resistance after disasters. People’s History Museum, Exhibition on Migration, Manchester, U.K. In partnership with Photographer Tamzin Forster2021;

Author, ‘Barbudans resist disaster capitalists, The New Internationalist magazine. Jan/Feb 2020 Issue. Pages 60-61. 2020;

Photo Exhibition, ‘Voices from the margins of disaster. The Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, U.K. In partnership with Photographer Tamzin Forster2019;

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