In 2020 I interviewed civil servants in Antigua and Barbuda about their experiences working in development id partnerships. They spoke about their acts of everyday resistance to colonial knowledge hierarchies. I commissioned the fantastic Saffa Khan to create the portraits.

Contact Saffa Khan

Saffa is a multi-talented artist based in Glasgow. Check out her website and instagram

Sou, G. (2021). Aid micropolitics: southern resistance to racialized & geographical assumptions of expertiseEnvironment & Planning C: Politics and Space.

Featured, ‘Staying put after disasters‘. Being immobile in a world of movement (digital photography exhibition). Festival of Social Science. 2021;

Photo Exhibition, Staying put’: Resistance after disasters. People’s History Museum, Exhibition on Migration, Manchester, U.K. In partnership with Photographer Tamzin Forster2021;

Author, ‘Barbudans resist disaster capitalists, The New Internationalist magazine. Jan/Feb 2020 Issue. Pages 60-61. 2020;

Photo Exhibition, ‘Voices from the margins of disaster. The Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, U.K. In partnership with Photographer Tamzin Forster2019;

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